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We offer a package to suit every budget starting with our fantastic 'Readymade' book cover design service, then moving on to our tailored design packages which are one-off creations made specifically around the concept of your book (created for both eBook and printed books alike). We also offer a design service for the many promotional materials which will help with the launch, ongoing advertising and sale of your book too.












"If you need a design, or are buying a pre-made cover, don't go anywhere else - Believe me when I say, this company deserves the work more than any other I have dealt with - nothing is too much trouble, customer service and satisfaction through the roof

- You guys rock! - 5 stars - Highly recommended!"

- Clair Delaney



“Great work from this company,

the only thing better is their service attitude. 

Thank you again for your talent. - Vien”

- Vien Bui



"Brilliant work- nothing was too much trouble 24/7-

very highly recommended -5* work "

- Mike Strul



"Very pleased with the result. JD&J were very helpful

and easy to work with."

- Frederick Parsonage



“jdandj are excellent. The cover they have designed

for me is just what I hoped for. And they were also extremely

prompt and responsive.

I highly recommend the team and their company.”

- BillHirsch



"The team at JD&J are creative professionals. I'm impressed with their work. Highly recommended."

- F. Nizam


"Very satisfied with the work by jdandj. From the sample drafts to the final deliverable, every thing went smoothly

and the final product was great!” 

- CBBLimited


“Excellent, completed the work very quickly and was happy to make numerous adjustments to the design until it was exactly how I wanted it. Very speedy communication time and very reasonably priced. A brilliant design company with a lot of talent. Would highly recommend and look forward to using again in the future. ”

- AlexNorris



"Could not be more pleased with the ready made cover JD&J did for the book - I've received numerous compliments. Great job."

- Ralph Kennedy Echols


Here at JD&J we’re passionate about creating a great book cover design for each individual author that comes to us, we know that a book can be judged by its cover and that’s why we work hard to create outstanding designs.


A creative and professional book cover design will help your work stand out upon the shelves, appeal to your readership and increase its sales whether it’s online or in-store.










The long term promotion of your new book is a task which can be forgotten by some authors, it becomes something which is placed onto the ‘to do list’ but unfortunately right at the very bottom. This usually happens due to the author’s change of focus, which is now on either writing the next book or promoting it instead.


Now this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have the ambition to write and promote more than one book, the most successful authors will have a collection and body of work which spans many years and many individual books too, the key however is multi-tasking, dedication and renewed focus.


Sounds easy, right? Well, if you’re a full time author it does give you a little more time in your working day to promote your previous novels, but if you’re a new writer who’s also working a 40+ hour week or if you’re looking after children then it does become a little more tricky!

It’s still worth pointing out that regardless of your situation, all authors (and especially indie authors) face the same challenges when it comes to the ongoing promotion of their work, being aware that your book is competing against everything else within your genre (well almost everything else) should prompt you into action to create that long-term promotional strategy (if it hasn’t already).


The long term strategy for your book’s promotion should have started the very moment you began writing the book itself, this will be the slow build up to its publication and then its release, for many authors what follows will be a launch party, fairs, expo’s, press releases, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, your own website and free promotions online.


The important part of your long-term strategy is ensuring that it is ‘long-term’, once the excitement has died down you’ll need to keep it going. Be organised and buy either a desk diary, wall planner or use an online schedule/planner, these will be your reminders for the ongoing promotions, but again, they will only work if you commit to using them.


The use of an online planner or app will enable you to take it with you on your smart phone or tablet, it can help by having the events as reoccurring and with an alarm assigned to each one, it’s also worth considering having your Author’s Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages downloaded to your phone as apps, you are more likely to remember to post updates and promotions if you have it easily to hand (remember, you may be promoting whilst in your lunch break!)


We all know that the main launch of your book will bring about excitement and you’ll be promoting without the need to be prompted, however, you’ll still want to schedule at least five to ten promotional ‘ads or events’ per week (on going), this could be anything from a link with a promotional banner from your Facebook page to going to a book or literary festival.  


Reviewing your book’s sales performance will enable you to see whether the promotions are working or if you need to step things up a gear or two, services such as KDP will show clearly how well your book is doing in the form of a graph. But even if your book is doing well, do not become complacent, you’ll face brand new competition on a daily basis, so keep to your scheduled promotions and pick it up where you need to.


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We specialise in designing book covers that are both unique and beautiful with an attention to detail and a clear focus on each and every one of our clients, from the beginning to the completion of your project, our designers work hard to ensure you’re delighted with your new book cover.


Using the latest industry leading applications and Adobe software we ensure the highest standards and are able to work on a wide range of styles and mediums.  We create designs for use with ebooks, with the likes of Kindle, ipad and Barnes & Noble's Nook  being some of our most popular.  










Along with the ebook designs we of course create great covers for the more traditional printed book, we design for hardbacks, paperbacks and full dust jackets, all with the same dedication, passion and respect.

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The Dawnlands Catch

By Sam Audley


John Tyler & Tim Edgerton gradually begin to suspect that an offer of help from IT billionaire, Randall Hawke, has a catch, though they don’t realise until too late just how deadly it will be. With help from two unexpected sources, FBI Agent, Maria Ruiz, tracks the links between the kidnapping of a mining company executive in West Africa by an unknown jihadi group, the teething problems of a telecommunications joint venture in Singapore and the suspicious deaths of three successful business leaders in the USA. However, as she uncovers the real targets of the Dawnlands Project, the fatal nature of the catch becomes clear. Randall has been using his IT group as cover for pursuing his own criminal agenda and has misled people regarding his true intentions. In preventing further deaths, Maria and her team have a race against time to prove the extent of Randall Hawke’s involvement in the Dawnlands Project.


But ultimately, Randall can only be brought to trial if Tim becomes the man his father never thought he could be.




By Roy Mark


FIXIN' TO DIE RAG is the true story of the helicopter pilots and their crews serving in Vietnam. It’s the story of those young warriors that were called to duty by conscience or country. They flew many hazardous missions; they fought a deadly enemy; they prevailed against horrific odds; some good men died.


This is the story of Charlie Company of the First Cavalry Division’s 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion. They were decorated with many medals of valor and Purple Hearts—far too many Purple Hearts.


Fasten your seat belts and join them in the war-torn Vietnamese skies of 1970.


By Steven Loton



In a gritty future dystopia, Turo is the world’s most lethal bounty hunter. This tough mercenary survives on a mix of booze, deadly narcotics, women – and his gift for snuffing out human life.


His only friends are the quasi-dictator who runs the city, a local drug dealer, and the artificial intelligence system within his flying car.


Turo has other big problems: He spent most of his life as an orphan with no memory of his father and only a silver chain and ring to remind him of the mother he briefly knew.


But when a deranged military commando from the past returns to exact revenge on Turo and the city he calls home, he must confront the dark secrets of his own history and the genetic experiments responsible for his superhuman powers.



Bathing and the single girl

By Christine Elise McCarthy


It’s true that the life of an actress in LA is not all glamour, money, and sleeping with rock stars. At times it's more along the lines of humiliation, red wine hangovers, and the terrible choices they lead to. Ruby Fitzgerald has hardly worked in years, not that anyone remembers her for anything other than a short stint on a long-canceled but iconic TV series. But that was back when her career seemed on the up and now awkward sex with regrettable men is doing nothing to take the edge off. Everything that once worked in her house is now going on strike, the unemployment checks barely covering the mortgage, and a self-respecting girl needs to be able to pay her bar bill too!! So the repairs stay on hold. One more bubble bath and several more cocktails. A gal can always be  responsible tomorrow.


With everything beginning to stack against her, an increasingly despairing Ruby will have to find out if life's larger indignities are the result of bad luck, or a bad attitude. What follows is a walking tour of the hilarious depths you can sink to if you stop using your best judgment.



Clarity of Daylight

By DM Daye

An outstanding collection of modern and classic poetry from the British born poet D.M.Daye. This collection reflects upon both the beauty and darkness in life with a subtly that brings a depth of experience to each work, sometimes stark but always true.


The writer takes you on a journey through a world which is both known and at the same time unspoken of, one that surrounds but is seen by few, a world which is outside your own front door but at the same time a million miles away.


These poems will stay with the reader a long time after the last page has been turned.




The retirement of Daniel Fairfax

By Robert Harrell


For most of us, the move from work into retirement is a smooth one, but not for Daniel Fairfax.


After a lifetime career as a highly professional criminal, Daniel resigns himself to retirement at Her Majesty's pleasure. That is until luck hands him a perfect get out of jail free card, that even he never saw coming. But now he’s a fugitive and on the run from the law. Not only this, but he further complicates matters with a decision which also finds him on the run from his crime boss too. In this comic novel, Daniel makes his escape via the channel and travelling between Spain and France, all in a desperate attempt to secure his freedom and a safer future. However, nothing is ever that simple. It seems that his efforts to retire peacefully are thwarted by chance, and farce, through a series of hilarious circumstances that will have you sure that Daniel Fairfax will never achieve a peaceful retirement. Or will he?


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Our Images do not belong to the Public domain. All images are copyright © JD&J.com and Davrberts, All of the Materials Contained May Not Be Reproduced, Copied, Edited, or re-Published, Transmitted Or Downloaded in Any Way. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited. © JD & J.com are a book cover design company based in the UK but operating globally along with USA. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South America, London, New York, Paris and Europe. We create book cover designs for both printed books and eBooks alike, priding ourselves on attention to detail along with a professional attitude makes us the obvious and best choice in book design B.I.D.O.P. check our other site at www.bookcoverdesign.us











The Writer's Room

Coral (Book One)

By Clair Delaney


Coral Stevens is given the shocking news that her boss is selling the company and she instantly feels like her controlled, uncomplicated world is being thrown upside down. She then meets her new boss to be, the enigmatic Tristan Freeman.


But deeply troubled by how attracted she is to him, she warns him to stay away, that she's no good for him, yet Tristan pursues her. Fate will help Tristan along the way, and put him in Coral's path when she least expects it, and when she needs him more than she knows.


But with the ghosts of her past still haunting her, can Coral finally exorcise these demons and allow the irresistible Tristan into her heart?





Find out more HERE

Rio's World

By Rayna Felicia


Riona is a girl with a strange past that haunts her in the form of terrifying nightmares. Trying to keep it behind her and get on with life, she travels with her basketball team, but is soon reminded  that things never go as planned...


Ever since the mysterious and "all-too-perfect" Victore Deville had shown up with his intense glares and infuriating comments, Riona had begun to lose all control of her own emotions and thoughts.


Hoping he wouldn't notice the effect he had on her, Rio used her sharp wit and sarcasm to keep him at bay, however, much to her dismay, he seemed to be the only person who wasn't thrown off by her dry humour.


As the only girl playing in an all-boys basketball tournament, you' would have thought Rio had enough problems. Add to this her nightmares, almost romances, crazy teammates, dramatic cheerleaders, hilarious moments and mysterious events, and you've got Rio's World.





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