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Award winning book cover designer

Best Independent Book Cover Design Company 2016

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"If you need a book cover design, or are buying a pre-made cover, don't go anywhere else - Believe me when I say, this company deserves the work more than any other I have dealt with - nothing is too much trouble, customer service and satisfaction through the roof - You guys rock! - 5 stars - Highly recommended!"


- Clair Delaney

Book cover design by JD&J

Every author who has published a book understands that it can feel a little overwhelming and even confusing when negotiating your way through the self-publishing process, with the widest choice of ‘Print-On-Demand’ services now available it’s easy to get stuck. Are your files in the right format? The images that you want to use, are they 72dpi or 300dpi? Will you need to reduce the ink levels for the printed version of your book? Have your fonts been embedded and have you the license to even use them?


Okay…….relax and don’t panic, this is where we can really help you, we have created the book cover designs for hundreds of authors and have both the systems and knowledge to create a great design for you too. We can design a cover which is ‘Print-ready’ for your eBook and paperback (or hardback) all you’ll need to do is simply give it to your chosen publisher.

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Professional Book Cover Design

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Book Cover Design that’s ready to use

At JD&J book cover design we have always used the very latest in industry leading software, using a host of products from Adobe such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator ensures that the file we create for you is always in the correct format for use throughout the publishing world. It also ensures that we can create outstanding promotional designs such as posters, 3D renderings, bookmarks, business cards, banners and even T-shirt designs.

Your Book Cover Design

Having a professional book cover design will make a big difference in how your audience initially

perceives your book, getting it right the very first time will ensure that your work is taken seriously

and that it sells too, because whether we like it or not, everyone judges a book by its cover.

Your book cover design

Picking a book cover designer to create the perfect cover for your book starts right here, we have worked within the publishing industry for years and on both sides of the Atlantic too (giving us great insight), we have also been voted the ‘Best Independent Book Cover Design Company’ in the USA for 2016 and help countless authors and publishers alike.

But it’s not only our experience which make us your first choice, it’s our passion for book cover design along with exceptional service for every client regardless of how big or small their project is, we pride ourselves in delivering great packages that go hand in hand with outstanding service, because getting a book cover design made should be a pleasurable experience too.  

Get in touch today Book cover design for use with Createspace Book cover design for use with KDP and Kindle designing book covers for lightning source Book cover design for use with Ingram Spark Book cover design for Smashwords Book cover design for Vook paperback book design for Lulu Book cover design for Blurb barnes and noble book cover design

We have designed book covers for use with all of the main publishers along with countless independent publishers too, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re in safe hands with JD&J Book Cover Design.

Plus many more independent publishers

Experience that you can trust

"JD&J have created several book cover designs  for me and each time exceeded my expectations, I would strongly recommend to any author."


– DM Daye

"Could not be more pleased with the book cover design JD&J created for my book - I've received numerous compliments. Great job!"


- Ralph Kennedy Echols

I want to say how impressed I am with you and your work. You provided some great book cover design options (people love the one we chose), you respond immediately to e-mails, and you address questions in a very thorough  and professional manner. It is much appreciated and I have enjoyed working with you. I give my highest endorsement to you and your work and I recommend your services without reservation!


- Robert Lively Jr

JD&J Book Cover Design were recommended by Clair Delaney, she said, don't bother going anywhere else, so I didn't! With a vague idea of what I wanted for a cover design, JD&J brought it to life. Easy to work with I had my perfect design first time round, unaltered. Brilliant!


- Gillian Edwards

"Brilliant work- nothing was too much trouble, with quick response to all of my emails and questions, very highly recommended - 5 stars"


- Mike Strul

Best Independent Book Cover Design Company 2016

Award winning designers at JD&J, the best in the USA

"Very happy with the work by jdandj From the sample drafts to the final deliverable book cover design, every thing went smoothly and the final product was great!”


- CBB Publishers Ltd

Thank you so much for my book cover design for 'Hockey Shots'.You have been great. Very quick with great results! I will be back when my next book is ready!


- Avery Weekes

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Your eBook version is optimized and free of glitches, being designed to ensure that it will display exactly how it should upon multiple devices, your printed book file will also look both professional, consistent and formatted correctly through the entire book ready for its publication.


This makes JD&J Design your first choice for both the book’s cover and interior, find out more here.


Book cover design and book formatting

As well as designing an outstanding book cover for you, we can take care of the formatting of your manuscript too, this means that you only having to deal with one point of contact whilst getting your book ready for its publication.


Your manuscript is formatted by hand (unlike most automated services), by first converting it to HTML and then manually cleaning it to ensure that there are no hidden issues, it’s also at this point that the manuscript is checked for common issues such as tabs or spaces at the beginning of paragraphs and so on, it’s only here that your document is converted into the format that you need.

Book Formatting Service

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Formatting Your Book Designers who also format book interiors Book formatting service within the USA

Getting a book ready for publication can seem like an uphill struggle at times, with over 2,000 books being published each and every day (and yes, I did say 2,000) it is easy to become overwhelmed by the whole process.


Our experience within the publishing industry has given us the knowledge and insight which has helped countless authors, from just having a word document (and in some cases only a handful of pages) to self-publishing, promoting and winning awards for their books, we’ve been there for them and helped in their journey too.

It’s this passion which brought about ‘The Writer’s Room’, a Free-to-Access section of our website which is open to any author, we don’t ask for your email address or any other details and we certainly don’t charge. 

The ‘Writer’s Room’ is packed full of great FREE articles all aimed at making you the most successful author you can be, please check it out and if you’d like us to add anything just ask!

Award winning book cover designers in Palm Coast

Great Free advice for

every author

The Writer's Room eBook cover design book cover design book cover design book cover design Award winning book cover designers in Palm Coast