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Ophiuchus Cube – Book 1 By Hendrik de Jong People knew that something was wrong when several stars vanished from the night’s sky. The Cube appeared to a highly frightened Earth from the deep edges of space. Its landing was a disaster of epic proportions: covering half of the planet and killing billions of people in doing so. The planet then fell into chaos. Inevitably societies broke down. Many people turned to God for an answer. But what next? Was this colossus friend or foe? Who sent the Cube to us, and what was its purpose? Where and when will it attack next? Will it simply leave, or will it stay? Against this apocalyptic backdrop a host of unsavoury characters is set free. A serial rapist within China terrorises an innocent woman. A manic and drug addicted gang-leader in Russia fights to keep his dominance. And in the City of London a religious fanatic with a perverted mind and diabolic ideas works on reshaping the future. Pitted against these elements are the reluctant Rick, courageous Martin and autistic genius Thomas, who fight at unlocking the mysteries of the Cube and the chance to save mankind. But this is a race against time, with a shocking revelation forcing everyone on Earth to choose.

The Dawnlands Catch By Sam Audley John Tyler & Tim Edgerton gradually begin to suspect that an offer of help from IT billionaire, Randall Hawke, has a catch, though they don’t realise until too late just how deadly it will be. With help from two unexpected sources, FBI Agent, Maria Ruiz, tracks the links between the kidnapping of a mining company executive in West Africa by an unknown jihadi group, the teething problems of a telecommunications joint venture in Singapore and the suspicious deaths of three successful business leaders in the USA. However, as she uncovers the real targets of the Dawnlands Project, the fatal nature of the catch becomes clear. Randall has been using his IT group as cover for pursuing his own criminal agenda and has misled people regarding his true intentions. In preventing further deaths, Maria and her team have a race against time to prove the extent of Randall Hawke’s involvement in the Dawnlands Project. But ultimately, Randall can only be brought to trial if Tim becomes the man his father never thought he could be.

A Life Divided By Mike Strul Imagine that you’re not the person that you thought you were? In 1934 the whole of Europe is on the verge of World War. At the young age of 17, Hans Myerhoffer is the charismatic Bavarian leader of the Hitler Youth. A passionate Aryan German, he is steeped in Nazi ideology and destined for great things within the Third Reich’s inner circle. Spin forward to 2002 – and Max Samuels at the age of 41, is the archetypal British Jewish businessman. However, a meeting with a clairvoyant takes him to a shocking discovery that makes him confront his past and at the same time look to his future. Fate then conspires in bringing both Max and Hans together - culminating in a final, dramatic showdown in Germany’s Berlin.

Bathing and the single girl By Christine Elise McCarthy It’s true that the life of an actress in LA is not all glamour, money, and sleeping with rock stars. At times it's more along the lines of humiliation, red wine hangovers, and the terrible choices they lead to. Ruby Fitzgerald has hardly worked in years, not that anyone remembers her for anything other than a short stint on a long-canceled but iconic TV series. But that was back when her career seemed on the up and now awkward sex with regrettable men is doing nothing to take the edge off. Everything that once worked in her house is now going on strike, the unemployment checks barely covering the mortgage, and a self-respecting girl needs to be able to pay her bar bill too!! So the repairs stay on hold. One more bubble bath and several more cocktails. A gal can always be responsible tomorrow. With everything beginning to stack against her, an increasingly despairing Ruby will have to find out if life's larger indignities are the result of bad luck, or a bad attitude. What follows is a walking tour of the hilarious depths you can sink to if you stop using your best judgment.

Clarity of Daylight By DM Daye An outstanding collection of modern and classic poetry from the British born poet D.M.Daye. This collection reflects upon both the beauty and darkness in life with a subtly that brings a depth of experience to each work, sometimes stark but always true. The writer takes you on a journey through a world which is both known and at the same time unspoken of, one that surrounds but is seen by few, a world which is outside your own front door but at the same time a million miles away. These poems will stay with the reader a long time after the last page has been turned.

Close to the soul By F Nizam Jim Fletcher was on top of the world, rich, successful and flying high within the business of investment banking, he truly seemed to have it all. But there was still something missing from his life. Jim had given up trying to look for a soul mate. Each and every woman he met was always the wrong one, his friends believed the only companion who he would ever truly share his life with was Milo, his friendly dog. Then Jim meets Eva. And his world starts to change. Eva is the real deal, Eve however hates the world of banking, where everyone has their price. In a bid for her love, Jim has a plan to exchange all he knows for a chance at happiness with Eva and family life. His risky plan brings home the reality of class but at the same time unlocks a powerful love between the two. How can he stop lying, when he knows that the truth will make the woman he loves hate him?

The retirement of Daniel Fairfax By Robert Harrell For most of us, the move from work into retirement is a smooth one, but not for Daniel Fairfax. After a lifetime career as a highly professional criminal, Daniel resigns himself to retirement at Her Majesty's pleasure. That is until luck hands him a perfect get out of jail free card, that even he never saw coming. But now he’s a fugitive and on the run from the law. Not only this, but he further complicates matters with a decision which also finds him on the run from his crime boss too. In this comic novel, Daniel makes his escape via the channel and travelling between Spain and France, all in a desperate attempt to secure his freedom and a safer future. However, nothing is ever that simple. It seems that his efforts to retire peacefully are thwarted by chance, and farce, through a series of hilarious circumstances that will have you sure that Daniel Fairfax will never achieve a peaceful retirement. Or will he?

Escape from the Gibbon Sanctuary By Mark Lindsay “… there always comes a point when you understand that … society is arbitrary. It will reward good behaviour and it will also reward bad behaviour too, and sometimes even when you are good, it still pokes you in the eye,” said the Thai monk to Michael, a journalist in his twenties and still looking for some answers. Peter understood a great deal about the world when he boarded a flight to Manila. But still, far from the constraints of home, he became entangled in a fantasy. Had he made a huge mistake? In the genre of books such as : Coming up for Air and Lolita and Saint Jack. Escape from the Gibbon Sanctuary, is set in the Philippines at a time when smoking was still allowed upon airplanes and the Spice Girls had their first major hit with Wannabe. Told mainly through the perspective of the main character this story takes the reader on a voyage of self-discovery, via a tsunami and shanty towns and from Luzon to Boracay.



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